Lifejackets webbing
       Jacquard webbing
       Bag strap
       Nylon webbing
       Polyester webbing
       Polypropylene webbing
       Hollow webbing
       Pet webbing/pet strap
       Functional webbing
       Wide narrow webbing
       Military Webbing
       Anti-aging webbing
       Elastic webbing
       Fire retardant webbing
       Printing webbing

 Shanghai Youhao Industrial Co., Ltd. provide ultra-high performance webbing and rope products for companies all around the world.Shanghai Youhao Industrial Co., Ltd. products special UL lifejacket webbing and special anti-UV ribbon which well-known by all of us. We assure our products for 4 years, and all of our products have strong life-protection performance over 4 years. The products have high-performance protection effection,such as anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, anti-UV, ultra-high strength.

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