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Shanghai YouHao Industrial Co., Ltd. provide high quality webbing and rope products for companies all over the world, include the aviation, marine, ships, ocean rescue, automobile, equipment, individual protection and other area. We have authoritative ribbon dynamic, static, tensile, elongation, modulus, breaking off force testing standards for webbing quality test. All of the test equipment of our laboratory have passed the test by Shanghai Measurementand Test for East China  and tested each six months. Shanghai Youhao Industrial Co., Ltd. There are more than nine years experience's techs serve for our customers.

Shanghai Youhao Industrial Co., Ltd.  We assure that our products for 4 years alive, and plenty of our products have strong life-protection performance over 4 years. The products have high-performance protection effection. Our factory located in Shanghai Qingpu development district. It has convenient transportation and complete supporting industries, strong technical force. It manages factories of ribbon, dyeing, printing, sewing, manual assembly and garment accessories.

Our company services industries with end use products including: lifejacket webbing\Safety Webbing\Military Webbing\Bags and Canvas\Trucking and Cargo Webbing\Equestrian and Saddlery\Marine and Yachting\Mining & Industrial Webbing\Pet Products\Jacquard webbing \bag strap \Fire retardant webbing \Bedding and Furniture Webbing and Footwear, Fitness and Apparel.

As a trusted webbing suppliers, we stocks a wide variety of material: Polyester Webbing \Nylon webbing\Spun Polyester Webbing \Polypropylene Webbing \Cotton Webbing \Others as you required.

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